Our top 10 onboard must-haves

Our top 10 onboard must-haves

Packing is one of the most stressful aspects of travel – and what to take in your carry-on luggage requires forethought. These are our favourite onboard must-haves. Cabbin baggage size and weight varies between airlines so make sure you check what your flight is allowing before departure.

Make sure you don’t have ‘banned’ items in your carry on! Liquids may not be more than 30ml in sealable containers. In many countries, you need to put all liquids (and that includes things like mascara and lipstick) in a transparent ziplock bag (approximately sandwich size). Even unopened water bottles, cool drinks, etc. may be confiscated. And don’t forget to put your scissors, pocket knife, or other similar items in your checked baggage or they will be confiscated! You are allowed to take snacks on board most flights.

Wear your bulkier items – they take up lots of space in luggage and are heavy; it may be a bit annoying to have to wear them at the time but you can always use them as a pillow plus you’ll have more luggage space!

‘When taking an international flight, pack a little ‘comfort bag’ with all aeroplane necessities that you can keep at your seat and avoid jumping up and down to get out the overhead locker.’ – AW Garlick

‘I am a messy eater so I take a disposable cloth with me on the plane so that my clothes stay clean! It looks silly but the only people that see you are the ones walking towards you in the aisle.’ – C Ross

‘Take your own noise-reducing ear phones for the flight, and an extra jacket and socks in case the plane is freezing cold.’ – M Howarth

A blow-up u-shaped travel pillow is a MUST if you don’t want to get to your destination with a crick in your neck. I usually cover it with an old cotton pillowcase for extra comfort. – J Davies

My favourite travel accessory is a pashmina-type shawl in a colour that goes with everything. It has so many uses: a scarf, blanket (never sure how clean they are), wrap it around your head if you struggle to sleep, fold into a cushion, etc. When you get to your destination, it dresses up an outfit, and, if you’re going somewhere warm, doubles as a sarong or even a towel! – Haley

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