Eurail SPAIN Rail Passes

Eurail SPAIN Rail Passes

Barcelona Train Station

Trains are a fantastic way to get around in the glorious country of Spain! A Eurail Pass for Spain is valid with the national railway company Renfe and on the lines operated by FEVE (division of state-owned Spanish railway company Renfe Operadora).

(Note that rail passes do not include seat reservations. High-speed and night trains require seat reservations. You can prebook your seats through British TIPS and ensure your place on the train you need. A seat reservation fee will be charged accordingly.)

Download the price list or scroll down. 2018 Spain Rail Passes

Price per person 
Rates valid until 01 March 2019 and subject to major currency fluctuations. 

First Class Adult Adult SAVER* Youth 12-25 yrs
3 Days in 1 month R 4 772 R 4 115 R 3 894
4 Days in 1 month R 5 490 R 4 732 R 4 474
5 Days in 1 month R 6 130 R 5 250 R 4 972
8 Days in 1 month R 7 704 R 6 605 R 6 248
Standard Class Adult Adult SAVER* Youth 12-25 yrs
3 Days in 1 month R 3 894 R 3 375 R 3 216
4 Days in 1 month R 4 492 R 3 854 R 3 694
5 Days in 1 month R 4 970 R 4 294 R 4 135
8 Days in 1 month R 62 48 R 5 370 R 5 130

  • YOUTH: Ages 12 to 25
  • CHILD FARES: Children 4 – 11 years travel free (1 child per paying adult.) A child must be accompanied at all times by at least one person with an Adult Pass or Adult Saver Pass. The Adult does not have to be a family member and can be anyone over 18 years old. Up to two children can travel with one adult. For example, when two adults are traveling, they can take four children with them. If more than two children are traveling with one adult, a separate 1st class Youth Pass needs to be purchased for the additional children.

Children under 4 travel for free and do not need a pass. The child under 4 is not entitled to a seat and during busy times the child may be required to sit on the accompanied adult’s lap. If a separate accommodation is required for a child under 4, a Child Pass must be purchased and counts towards the adult/child ratio listed above for the free child pass

  • *SAVER PASS: Valid for 2 or more passengers travelling together at all
  • Passes are not valid on inner city transport or on the Eurostar.
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