Top tips to staying healthy when you travel

Top tips to staying healthy when you travel

Nothing ruins a holiday abroad quite like coming down with a bug. And, as the saying goes: Prevention is better than cure’ so the first step is to boost your immune system and prevent spread of infections.

We got some of our ‘frequent fliers’ to send in their tips:

1. Keep it clean!
‘We were told that the most unhygienic places on the plane are your armrests, the little fold-away table and TV monitor, which all come into contact with your hands. Always take wet wipes and wipe everything thoroughly when you get to your seat.’ – H Bazey

2. Hands off.
‘Never touch your face (mouth, nose, eyes) without washing hands thoroughly first, especially on the ‘plane!’ J Grant, Cape Town

‘I am super-careful about washing my hands thoroughly before I eat and I always keep wet wipes with me, in case I can’t get to soap and water. If I can’t clean my hands I won’t touch food. I got really sick once after eating with dirty hands – never again!’

3. Protect your body
‘I take Airmune (vitamin and herbal supplemement) for a few days before I travel and while I travel to try avoid getting ill from germs in confined spaces.’ – C Ross, Cape Town

‘As a business traveller I can’t afford to get sick so I take a herbal immune booster for a week before I fly and throughout the time there – it contains echinacea and ginger that I get from a phytotherapist in Durbanville and it works absolute wonders. My colleagues used to have a good laugh – until, on a trip to Germany, they all came down with flu and I didn’t!! – C Davies, Rivonia

4. Pack smart
‘I never travel without plasters, headache tables or Rehydrate.’ – C Ross, Cape Town

‘I always travel with a little bottle of Lavender essential oil – it has so many uses, including helping with sleep (I always struggle to sleep when I travel), antibacterial, mixed with some lotion it makes a relaxing massage for sore feet and shoulders, if the hotel room has a bath I put a couple of drops in to help relax, and it smells lovely so makes for a good perfume too!’ – J Grant, Cape Town

‘Many countries are more limited than SA with what’s available over the counter so I always pack a medicine first aid kit for all eventualities, including headache tablets, cold and flu relief, remedies for tummy troubles (anti-nausea, anti-diarrhoea, etc.) so that, if I do come down with anything, I have a stash that I can take right away.’ – H Schaffner, Pretoria

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