Swiss Travel System Passes

Swiss Travel System Passes

BEST SELLER! An easy, very cost-effective way to experience beautiful Switzerland by train, bus, and boat. It provides unlimited access on the network of Swiss Travel System. The Swiss Travel Pass is sold for 3, 4, 8 and 15 days and allows free entrance to over 480 museums and exhibitions.

Includes FREE Swiss Museum Pass PLUS free transport on lake boats PLUS trains and lifts up Mt Rigi and Mt Pilatus PLUS urban trams and buses – and more.

We also book individual Swiss train journeys and accommodation.

Contact us for more info and to purchase at or 021 975 2047

Download pricelist here: 2018 Swiss Passes or see prices below.

PLEASE NOTEA rail pass works according to number of journeys not time spent in the country. For example: you do not necessarily need a 15-day pass because you’re in the country for 2 weeks.

Consecutive vs Flexi

Consecutive pass is valid for a set number of days in a row. For example, if you start using a 4-day pass on Monday, you can use it all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday inclusive.

 With a Flexi pass, your travel days do not need to be consecutive – you can travel for a set number of days over a certain period (2 calendar months). You can make as many train journeys as you like within one day as the passes are restricted by days not journeys. For example, a 4-day-in-1-month pass which you start using on 23 March gives you 3 remaining other days on which you can use your pass until the 22 April inclusive.

Please note that seat reservations are not included in the pass prices. With Swiss rail, you do not usually have to reserve seats and some routes do not even allow reservations. However, at busy times such as Christmas, we strongly recommend reserving seats in advance, which we can do for you at a fee.


Swiss CONSECUTIVE Pass Adult Adult Youth Youth
1st Class 2nd Class 1st Class 2nd Class
3 Days R 7 052 R 4 526 R 6 045 R 3 898
4 Days R 8 420 R 5 380 R 7 205 R 4 658
8 Days R 12 258 R 7 812 R 10 472 R 6 710
15 Days R 14 784 R 9 465 R 12 676 R 8 154

 Swiss FLEXI Pass 


Adult Adult Youth Youth
1st Class 2nd Class 1st Class 2nd Class
3 Days in 1 Month R 8 078 R 5 190 R 6 920 R 4 450
4 Days in 1 Month R 9 620 R 6 140 R 8 250 R 5 286
8 Days in 1 Month R 13 664 R 8 705 R 11 668 R 7 470
15 Days in 1 Month R 16 210 R 10 358 R 13 892 R 8 914


YOUTH FARES: Ages 16 to 25

CHILD FARES: Children 15 years and under pay 50% of adult rate

FREE SWISS FAMILY CARD (for families travelling together): Allows children, aged 6 to 15 years, without limitation in the number of children, to travel for free when accompanied by at least one parent (including step and foster parents) that is in possession of a valid Swiss Travel System Ticket.

Prices are quoted in Rands and are valid until 31 December 2017


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