Visit Cornwall

Visit Cornwall

Cornwall Constituencies

Cornwall is a land of stunning natural beauty, beautiful beaches, majestic castles and intriguing ruins, fascinating myths and legends, and much, much more.

A visit to Cornwall will stay with you forever.

Cornwall – or Kernow, as Cornish-speaking locals call it – is the most south-westerly county in England; it is renowned for its Celtic history and Arthurian legends, and rugged moorlands and white beaches.

It is well worth a visit – give yourself a few days; this magical place has so much to explore and experience!

Hiring a car is highly recommended. Fortunately, South African travellers do NOT need an international driver’s license – and you’ll be driving on the same side of the road!

Prefer an organised coach tour? Check out our 5-day Cornwall and Devon package tour.

Contact us for all your Cornwall car hire and accommodation – plus tons of useful advice and information: or 021 975 2047

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