Why we love hop-on hop-off buses

Hop-on hop-off bus (aka open-top bus) tours are ‘touristy’, sure, but there’s a good reason why they’re so popular. Our team has travelled far and wide and our consensus is: these nifty, open-topped buses really are worth it.

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Here’s why we love them

Tickets are available for 24 or 48 hours and you can hop on and hop off as many times as you like within that time. And, because they take you to all the top attractions within the city centre your transport for the entire day is pretty much covered.

In most major cities
Most big cities have them, from London, Paris, and Berlin, to Singapore, Dubai, and many more. Several cities also have hop-on hop-off river cruises and, in Amsterdam, there are canal boats.

More than just transport
The buses have commentary – usually with earphones but some have live guides – so you know where you are and what you’re looking at. This provides a great intro to the city you’re visiting so that, even if you only have a few hours, you’ve still seen the famous sights and you know what you’re looking at.

Sit back or hop off – the choice is yours
The buses have set routes and you have the choice to sit on the bus for the entire route, watching the world go by (especially nice if you’re feeling a little footsore) or getting off at one of the stops to explore.

TIP! A great idea is to sit back and relax and go around the entire route first, taking note of things you’d like to come back to, and then going around again and hopping off the bus wherever you want to – and then hopping back on again when you’re done.

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