Ireland emergency contacts

Travelling to Ireland? Before you go, make a note of emergency contacts and information resources that you may need in case of emergency. We recommend noting this down on paper as well as on your device, just in case.

In addition, ensure that you always have the contact details of your embassy, travel agent, travel insurer, and bank on hand (and remember to make a note of any policy or account numbers accessible in case of emergency).

Emergency services

These will connect you with ambulance, fire, and police:

Republic of Ireland: An Garda Síochána (pronounced: On GAR-dah Shee-oh-CAHN-nah) – or you can simply say: ‘Garda’.

  • Emergency or crime happening: 112 or 999
  • Anonymous crime reporting: 1800 250025

Northern Ireland: Police Service of Northern Ireland

  • Emergency: 999 or 18000 for text phone users
  • Non-emergency/general enquiries: 101

Tourist support

Republic of Ireland: The Irish Tourist Assistance Service provides immediate support and assistance, 7 days a week, to visitors to the country who become victims of crime or experience other traumatic events. The Service is free and confidential. Please contact us if you or anyone you know requires our help.

Northern Ireland: Those who are victims of a crime in Northern Ireland can contact Victim Support Northern Ireland. The staff and volunteers will speak to and help victims, family members and witnesses involved in the crime.

Covid 19 information

Republic of Ireland: Department of Foreign Affairs

Northern Ireland: NI Direct Government Services


Republic of Ireland: The South African Embassy is located at Alexandra House, 2nd Floor, Earlsfort Centre, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2. Call: (+353) 1 661 5553 or email

Find other foreign embassies in the Republic Ireland at the Department of Foreign Affairs website.

Northern Ireland: There is no South African embassy in Northern Ireland; there is only a SA High Commission located in London. To find embassies and high consulates in the United Kingdom, visit the UK’s government website.

Helping others

Although it isn’t something anyone wants to think about, sometimes when you travel, you see things that you may want to report in order to get help for those affected.

The first point of contact, be it people or animals in need, should always be the GARDA, as per details provided above. You can also contact:

Children and domestic abuse:


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