United Kingdom reopens visa applications to vaccinated South Africans

We are overjoyed to confirm that the United Kingdon is now open again to travel for fully vaccinated South Africans!

After many long months of being red-listed by the UK, we were removed from this list on 07 October 2021. However, just 2 months later, following the discovery of the Omicron variant of Covid, we were once again placed on their red list. This, in effect, stopped us from travelling to the UK due to the punitive cost of mandated hotel quarantine.

However, as of 14 December 2021, we have again been removed from the red list, which means that we are once, again, permitted to visit England!

As of 04h00 on 11 October 2021, fully vaccinated* South Africans will be permitted to enter the UK (subject to usual visa restrictions and procedures, of course).

You will find all necessary information on travel requirements on the gov.uk website’s section on travel to England from another country during coronavirus.

*With one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines. You will find a list of approved vaccinations here: Approved COVID-19 vaccines and countries with approved COVID-19 proof of vaccination.

NOTE: Please be aware that, as a result of the huge influx of people who will be applying to visit the UK now, visa applications may take a little longer than normal. We strongly recommend that people planning to visit bear this in mind and allow sufficient time. British TIPS does not issue visas for any country, and we are unable to assist you with visa applications. Visit www.gov.uk for your UK visa requirements or contact your travel agent or visa application company. 

The above information is for informative purposes only and is correct at time of publishing. However, as the situation is constantly evolving, it is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the UK government. If you are travelling, it is crucial that you check on the situation and have all necessary paperwork in order, as British TIPS cannot be held responsible for failure to travel if passengers have not confirmed and adhered to all requirements. All other usual travel rules apply, including valid passport, visa requirements, etcetera, and that being vaccinated is not the only criteria required to enter United Kingdom. For UK visas, please visit www.gov.uk.

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