End to visa-free travel for South Africans to Ireland

IMPORTANT NEWS: South Africans will no longer have visa-free entry to Ireland as of 10 July 2024.

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee said, “…nationals of Botswana and South Africa will be required to obtain a visa before travelling to Ireland. A transit visa will also be required, if intending to transit through Ireland en-route to another destination.”

For those who have existing travel arrangements to/via Ireland which have been made before 10 July 2024 (Wednesday), transitional arrangements will be in place made been for travel to Ireland up to 09 August 2024. Thereafter, new visa rules will apply. Please visit irishimmigration.ie for more information or consult with your visa-issuing agency/travel agent.

Read the full press release on the Irish Government’s website here.

Note: British TIPS does not issue visas; please consult your visa provider (travel agent) for more assistance.

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