BritRail Passes: what are they and how do they work?

We are proud to be an official supplier for BritRail! We can assist with booking your rail passes for more extensive travel AND individual journeys in England, Wales, and Scotland. We also book Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted Express trains. (If you’re travelling further abroad, we can book Eurostar and European rail.)

BritRail passes are only sold outside the country to travellers like you, and provide excellent value for money.

A rail pass works according to number of journeys on number of days not time spent in the countryFor example: if you are in the country for 14 days but only want to make 4 trips, then you need a 4-day pass and not a 15-day pass.

Please contact at or call 021 975 2047.

Please note that BritRail passes do not allow for travel in Ireland. BritRail passes only allow for travel on trains and not on buses or inner city travel in England, Wales, and Scotland. However, we do offer Irish Rail Passes. 


Flexi vs Consecutive

  • Consecutive pass: is valid for a set number of days in a row. For example, if you start using a 4 day pass on a Monday, it will be valid until Thursday.

  • Flexi pass: your travel days do not need to be consecutive – you can travel for a set number of days over a period of 1 calendar month. You can make as many train journeys as you like in one day, as the passes are restricted by days not journeys. For example, if you start using a 4 day pass on the 23 March you then have 3 remaining other days that you can use your pass until the 22 April inclusive.


How many train journeys can I make on one day?
You can make as many journeys as you like in one day. The passes are restricted by days, not journeys.

A day is classified as one calendar day – not 24 hours from the start of the journey. You therefore need to commence your last journey of the day before midnight.

What happens if there are no trains?
If you have a BritRail consecutive pass and there are no trains on a day during your pass validity (e.g. Christmas Day), you can visit a ticket office to get your pass extended.

Your pass will then be valid for one additional day. Please note that if your train is cancelled but you are able to take an alternate route or a replacement bus, you will not be eligible for a pass extension.

Are there any discounts for seniors or teenagers?
Yes, there are. Britrail Passes offer lower rates for those over 60 years old, and for those aged 16 – 25 years.

Can children travel free with my pass?
For every adult buying a full price ticket, one child (aged 5 to 15) receives a pass of the same type and duration for free. You must enter the child details at the bottom of the page in order to get the free pass. If booking seats, seat reservations and accompanying segment fees are payable per child.

Do I need to make seat reservations?
It is usually not essential to reserve seats on all trains. However, at busy times (e.g. Christmas or school holidays) it is strongly recommended that you do so – a pass allows you to travel  on a train, but doesn’t guarantee a seat on a specific train. Should the train be full, you may need to wait for the next one. You can prebook seat reservations with British TIPS for a fee. Covid-19: Bear in mind that there are currently restrictions on number of passengers and, therefore, reservations may become mandatory. 

What is the difference between first class and standard (second) class?
This varies between operators but, in general, 1st class tickets include more legroom, your own table, reclining seats and overhead reading lights. Some trains also include complimentary Wi-Fi in 1st class.

Can I use my BritRail Pass on the Heathrow/Gatwick/Stansted Express?
Yes you can, but please be aware that this will be considered as part of a day of travel. The passes are not valid on the airport transfers by bus

Can I use my BritRail Pass on the Eurostar?
No, BritRail Passes are not valid on any Eurostar services.

Can I use the BritRail Pass on the tube?
No, BritRail Passes are not valid on London Transport Underground trains or buses. To travel on the tube you will need a Visitors Oyster Card or to purchase individual journeys there. 

Is there a luggage restriction with BritRail Passes?
There is no specific luggage limit. Most trains have small overhead luggage racks and at least 1 luggage compartment per carriage.

Can I buy anything to eat or drink on Britrail trains? NOTE: The below may not apply on all trains during Covid-19.
Most trains in the UK have either a shop or a trolley service on board. This can be pricey so it may be best to purchase something beforehand – you are permitted to bring food and drinks onboard.

Can I buy a Britrail Pass when I get there?
No. BritRail passes are only available to non-UK passport holders staying for 6 months or less. You may be asked to present proof of return travel from Britain at the time of train ticket inspections.

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