Can I use my London Visitor Oyster Card on the Heathrow Express?

Yes, as of 2019, you can use London Visitor Oyster Cards on the Heathrow Express, which travels direct (no stops) between Heathrow and Paddington station. This will cost you up to around £25***, depending on time of day. Alternatively, you can purchase your Heathrow Express e-ticket to/from Paddington Station from British T.I.P.S.

For a budget option, you can take the Underground’s Piccadilly line service. This goes into the city and stops at multiple stations on the way as it is a commuter train. Although this is a cheaper option (at around £6***), bear in mind that it does take longer (around 1hr by Tube vs 15 minutes by Heathrow Express) and the trains are usually more crowded.

***accurate at time of posting and subject to change.

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