How do I activate my BritRail pass?

It depends on whether you have a paper pass or a mobile pass.

Paper passes

1. The pass can be validated up to 11 months after date of purchase, and it must be done in the UK.

2. Take your pass to any staffed ticket office at a UK train station where the start and end dates, and your passport number will be written in by the staff member, and it will be stamped. Your passport is required. Ensure that the pass is stamped and validated before leaving the ticket office! If your start station is unstaffed, you need to have it validated at the next available opportunity.

3. DO NOT fill in the start and end dates yourself. Only a railway official may validate a pass.

4. Consecutive passes will run out after the selected number of days from the date they were validated.

5. Flexi passes have space for dates which you write in as you go – this must be done in ink ON THE DAY. Failure to do so can risk a fine and/or full payment of a ticket.
DO NOT fill in the pass dates in advance.

CHILDREN: If a child is travelling with an adult free of charge, they will also need their own pass which should be activated and carried with the adult’s pass.

NOTE: Paper passes are being phased out in favour of mobile passes (M-Pass) and will soon no longer be available. However, it is easy to use an M-Pass.

Mobile pass (M-Pass)

1.Once you have purchased your pass, we will send an emailed confirmation. This will contain a link to your pass.

2. Click on the link and follow the prompts to download and activate.

3. We strongly recommend that you only activate your pass this when you are ready to travel because, once the pass is activated, no refunds are possible.

4. We suggest you print out the M-Pass and proof of purchase just in case there is a problem with your device.

CHILDREN: Child passes are only valid with an Adult Pass. Therefore, each Child Pass must be added to the same device as the adult pass to which it corresponds. Children under 5 can travel with you for free without their own Pass.

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