How do I change trains at the same station?

More often than not, your route will not be a straightforward one-train option; you may need to change trains at certain stations. This can seem daunting but it is actually really easy – everything is well sign-posted and each line has its own colour.

However, one thing to bear in mind is that, on the maps, it can look like the connections at a station are very close and you can just zip across to another platform. But, in reality, some of them are actually quite a walk through long passageways and up and down lots of steps! Don’t assume that, because the map shows that the connection is at the same station, that you will just need to hop across to a different platform.

We strongly recommend that you plan your route before you go if you have never used the Paris Metro before to avoid becoming stressed out. Also, be prepared to do a fair bit of walking and allow for extra time in your planning.

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