How do I use a London Visitor Oyster Card?

It is very easy! The cards sold by British T.I.P.S. are already activated and preloaded so you can use the card immediately.

You will notice card readers at the entrance and exits of stations, and on buses and trams.

On top of the reader is a yellow area – you need to touch the card to this yellow area (like tapping your credit card at a supermarket) when you enter the ticket barriers or get onto the bus/tram/etc. This is called ‘touching in’.

When you get to your destination, you need to touch your card to the yellow reader again* (‘touch out’).

The system automatically works out the fare based on where you started and where you left – if you don’t touch out, it will not know your journey has ended and you will end up being charged a lot more.

*Note: DO NOT touch out when using buses or you will be charged a penalty fee.

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