How do I use my Paris Visite Card?

Firstly, start by writing your first and last name on the pass, as well as starting and ending dates. The first time you use it, it will be activated.

The Paris Metro system is quite old and the ticket system can seem daunting. We recommend looking at the map carefully before you start your journey, and note down which changes you need to make and where so you don’t have to keep stopping to check the map.

You can download the RATP app to help you use the system and find your way around.

At the entrances and exits of stations, there are turnstiles. Enter to the left of the green arrow. You will need to put the ticket into the slot and go through.

Do NOT pull the ticket out until you are through the turnstile or the turnstile will lock and you will be stuck. Remember to remove your ticket as you go through it and keep it. You must carry that ticket with you at all times. If you don’t have it and the transport police stop you, you may be asked to leave the train or even be fined.

Important: If you’re travelling with luggage and there isn’t a special wider gate/turnstile, we recommend you push the luggage through AHEAD of you, THEN go through, and then take your ticket. If you pull the luggage behind you, the gate will close and your luggage will be stuck.

When you leave an RER station, you will need to put the card through a ticket machine turnstile again but this is not the case with Metro stations.

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