How does the shuttle service work?

If you are attending the show and do not have a car, a shuttle is recommended (British TIPS rate include shuttle from the city centre). Advance booking is essential. If you are not staying in Dublin city centre, let us know so that we can advise you accordingly.


  1. 18h10 Dublin Writers Museum Parnell Square North
  2. 18h15 Gresham Hotel O’Connell Street
  3. 18h25 Nassau Street (“Collins Day Tours” bus stop opposite side of the street from “Reads” print and design shop)
  4. 18h30 Shelbourne Hotel (at steps of hotel)
  5. 18h35 Conrad Hotel (at front door)
  6. 18h35 Clayton Hotel Burlington Road (outside front gate)
  7. 18h40 Ballsbridge Hotel (bus stop outside hotel)
  8. 18h40 Intercontinental Hotel (Cityscape bus stop outside Clayton Ballsbridge hotel, Simmonscourt Road)


The shuttle leaves shortly after the end of the show (which finishes at 22h00) and will drop you back to your hotel (or as close as practical).

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