What happens if I don’t use all the credit on the card when it’s time to leave London?

Your LVOC never expires so you can stash it and use it for travel in a few years’ time or even lend it to a friend or family member. We recommend keeping an eye on the credit on your card and don’t add too much so that you end up with loads left at the end of your stay. Hang onto the card – you never know when you might need it or know someone who does!

However, if you prefer, you can get the remaining credit refunded through Transport for London which effectively cancels the card (i.e. you cannot use it again). You will need to do this yourself through TfL. If there is less than £10 left on the card, you can get the refund at a London Underground ticket machine; if it is more than £10, you will need to visit a TfL visitor centre (except Gatwick).

We strongly recommend that, if you choose to cancel your card for a refund, you do so before you leave London as, once you are home, you will need to post the card back to them. Note that the card itself costs £5 and this will not be refunded.  

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