New testing strategy for England to shorten self-isolation

Great news! The English transport secretary, Grant Shapps, has revealed a new strategy for international arrivals. This will hopefully mean a reduction of at least a week in what is now a mandatory 2 weeks self-isolation on arrival.  

Said Shapps in a Tweet on 24 November: “We’re cutting the self-isolation period by two thirds from 15 December for passengers arriving into England. Taking a privately provided Covid-19 test on day five & receiving a negative result will end self-isolation.”

This will apply to people arriving in England by plane, ferry, or train. The idea is for them to book the test before travelling and then self-isolate for 5 days before taking the test. If it is negative, no further quarantine is needed. 

Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, stated that, “This test on day five of the 14-day self-solation period will identify positive coronavirus cases and allow those who test negative to return to work and see their loved ones while abiding by domestic coronavirus restrictions.”

We will watch this space and hope that this makes it easier for people to travel. 

PS: remember, that South Africans travelling internationally will still need a Covid-19 PCR test 72 hours signed by a doctor prior to departing anywhere; this is mandatory and you will not be allowed onto a light without it. Visit DIRCO or chat to your knowledgeable travel agent for more info.

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